Why choose our paper pencil making machine?

Publisher: Tina

08 Feb,2018

Using waste paper to make pencil is become more and more popular recently. The paper pencil making machine of our company has developed the latest generation of paper pencil equipment, which has the most advanced technology in China, and has improved and simplified the production process. Our paper pencil making machine save working hours, the effect of roll bar is good; It is an ideal equipment for investment, and avoid without wood can not produce pencil.
Our paper pencil making machine is totally composed of 10 machines, these machines are Pole Rolling Machine,Top cutting machine,Coarse grinding machine,Horizontal Polishing Machine,Double-belt Lacquer Machine,Cutting Polishing Machine,Printing machine,Tip Polishing Machine,Single Rubber Tip Machine,Pencil Inserting Machine.All of these machines play an important role in producing paper pencil.
 paper pencil making machine China
The reason most customers choose our company’s paper pencil making machine not only because of our advanced technology, but also our best service.
We are professional in the paper pencil making industy. Our company has strong technical force and advanced production equipment, so far we have been developing research and innovative products continuously. We always hold market information, grasp market changes, and make products that satisfy our customers. At a reasonable price, excellent product quality, the high quality service for the customer the biggest satisfaction, always adhere to the "quality, service first" for the purpose, to win more market and profit for our customers.
In order to be responsible for the customer, after the big equipment sales, Our company will sent the professional staff to help the client to master the expertise of the equipment, the maintenance knowledge, and also the firm has a specialized technician to teach install, debug, and ensure that the customer produces the product that is qualified.
Now, do you have interest in our paper pencil making machine? Please contact us, whether you buy our machine or not, we will try our best to help you.
If you have great interest in our paper pencil making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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