Requirements of Toothpick Making Machine Operator

Publisher: Tina

20 Apr,2018

When people use the toothpick making machine, there is no specific use specification, so it causes many problems in the use process. In order to avoid this problem, as a supplier of toothpick making machine, let me tidy up the requirements of the operators.

First of all, you may know what is toothpick making machine, the following picture is our toothpick making production line.
 toothpick making production line
First,knowing how to operate toothpick making machine correstly. Refers to the process of familiar with the process, to understand the role and status of the equipment in the process, the correct selection of the relevant technical parameters of the equipment, in addition to the need to be able to reasonably adjust the location and size of accessories on the device.
Second,knowing how to maintain toothpick making machine. Refers to cleaning the machine in time according to regulations; ensure that the sliding surface is free of rust and bumps; and add oil regularly according to the instructions and lubrication regulations.
Third,knowing how to check the toothpick making machine. It is mainly required that the operator should carefully check the normal operation of the moving parts of the machine and the hidden dangers of accidents during the succession. If the equipment is in a stationary state, it can not be observed, and the machine can be idling; after the shift, it is necessary to pay attention to the operational status of the machine at any time so that hidden troubles can be discovered in time. It is very common that accidents happen when inspections are not careful.
Fourth,konwing how to deal with problems when operating. As a qualified operator should be able to identify the normal and abnormal operation of the machine, that is, according to the abnormal noise when the machine is working, the operating temperature changes, various indicators, etc. to determine the approximate location of the fault, once found abnormal Immediately cut off the power supply, report the inspection machine repairs, protect the site, and let the mechanics analyze and deal with it.
Now, do you know the requirement of toothpick making machine operator. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve your problems.

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