How to use cotton swab making machine safely?

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03 Feb,2018

Nowadays, people use the cotton swabs every day, they may think how does the cotton swabs machine works and how to operate the cotton swabs machine. After reading the passage, you will know how to use cotton swabs machine safely.
cotton swab machine use
Before the proper operation of cotton swab machine, every component must be careful examination that can guarantee the smooth operation in the next.
1. Before starting the machine, check the machine is run faultlessly and whether the raw materials are available. (check the question as felow: whether the glue is used, whether the outer glue is added, and whether the stick is filled)
2. Transfer the cotton swab to a normal speed and  to make it run normally.
3. During the operation of the cotton swab machine, it is strictly forbidden to insert the finger into the cotton swapper and the transition wheel; When cleaning the chain and gear, disable the wire or other tools to reach the spreader. If you need to wipe or debug, you must first cut off the power supply before it can be completed.
4. Regularly clean the inlet of suction fan, so as not to affect the suction effect.
5. When the cotton swab is in normal production, the operator should do a good job to pick out the defective products in time.
6. When cotton swab machine works, keep the glue holes open dredge the hole often, so as not to interfere  the quality of the product due to its blockage.
7. Operators should wear hats, masks and other protective equipment when operating the cotton swab machine; The body forbidden to contact any part of the operation and transmission part of the equipment.
8. When the cotton swab is in maintenance and repair, the power supply should be cut off before it can be completely stopped.
9. Clean the cotton swab machine before leaving work every day to ensure that the equipment will work smoothly next time.
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