How to Produce Match Stick?

Publisher: Tina

16 Mar,2018

Fire plays a vital role in our lives, and its emergence means that mankind has gone from barbarism to civilization.Our ancestors carried out many inventions to preserve the fire.The making of matches in our era has become more mechanized. As a manufacturer of match stick making machine, I want to show you how does match stick make.
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Match stick making is basically divided into three stages:
The first stage involves the preparation of matchsticks: the trunks are stripped and reduced to millions of matchsticks, square or round, depending on the type of match desired.
The second stage is the preparation of combustible dough made from a variety of chemicals (phosphorus sulphur, iron oxide or zinc oxide, powdered glass) and can vary depending on the type of match.
The third stage is to combine these two elements by applying a glue. Then they go through a collection process and finally put it in a box.
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