Medical use cotton swab machine supplier

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26 Feb,2018

Our medical use cotton swab machine for the production of medical swab producing. It consists of forming system, drying system, transmission system and packaging system.
 medical use cotton swab making machine
Our medical use cotton swab machine is made of raw material bamboo sticks, wooden sticks and medical absorbent cotton slivers fed into the cotton forming system. During the process, the inner and outer glue will be coated and then enter the drying system. After drying, the electronic eye tracks the counting, Into the bag sealed packaging. The whole machine needs 2 people, compared with 100% before the cotton swab single machine production efficiency. The finished cotton head full and smooth, uniform size, cotton head and the rod wrapped tightly, does not appear off phenomenon, product quality have reached the national standard. Is the first choice for many manufacturers and businesses that produce cotton swabs.
The features of our medical use cotton swab machine:
1. The machine from the raw material feed - production molding - drying - finished packaging, all for the automatic integration of production, saving manpower.
2. PLC touch screen control system, no material downtime, fault alarm
3. Production speed can be adjusted accoring to your eal needs.
 4. Computer automatic counting device, real-time monitoring of production capacity.
5 machine parts design streamlined, easy to repair and maintenance.
6 cotton swabs produced uniform, smooth, smooth, beautiful.
7. According to actual needs can choose boxed or bagged.
As a supplier of medical use cotton swab machine, if you buy the machine of our factory, we can promise you as following:
1.Free technical training until the user can independently operate and independently produce (can come to our factory for reference learning or to send the factory and production technical data by mail).
2.All the factory sold the production equipment warranty for one year, low-priced supply accessories
3.Our factory is responsible for the long-term technology consulting services at any time for customers to solve various problems
4. Our factory has sample samples. All customers who purchase our equipment will receive the following improvement technologies free of charge
If you need further information about our medical use cotton swab machine, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you. Our contact information is as follows:
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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