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08 Feb,2018

Our waste pencil making machine is eco-friendly, it can make the waste paper into pencil that Save resources and protect the environment. Our paper pencil making machine is totally composed of 10 machines, as manufacturer of paper pencil making machine, I know each machine in detail. In order to help those who want to open pencil macking factory, in the passage, I will introduce each machine in detail.
pole rolling machine of paper pencil making machine
The introduction of each machine of our waste paper pencil making machine:
1.Pole Rolling Machine:
This machine is one of the special equipments in manufacturing paper pencil pole,It is used to rub and roll paper, then form paper pencil pole after artificial rubber core.
2.Top cutting machine:
For both ends of the pencil irregular flat sawing,to ensure a consistent length of pencil.
3.Coarse grinding machine:
Suitable for surface grinding of volume good pencil.Diameter and surface finish can achieve predetermined requirements after grinding.As a result, it has solved two big difficult problems for processing of Paper pencil,one elimination of errors in coil rod diameter,The second is to eliminate appearance surface wrinkles and paper edge slope.
4.Horizontal Polishing Machine:
Make the paper pencil surface more smooth and beautiful.
5.Double-belt Lacquer Machine :
For the production of white painted surface of the rod with a pencil.To prevent pencil rod bending deformation or cracking, make the good pencil appearance and marked out the color of the pen refill.
6.Cutting Polishing Machine:
After printing the colour, the surface of paper will not very smooth and neat. This machine with the fuction to make it smooth and neat.
7.Printing machine:
Print pattern ,log or word on the pencil.
8.Tip Polishing Machine:
To sharpen the pencil and can use it directly.
9.Single Rubber Tip Machine :
Add the eraser to the penncil.
10.Pencil Inserting Machine:
It was used with tip immersing machine. Put in in the insert plate then make the color on the head of the pencil, the finished product,Make pencil looks more beautiful and attractive.

Through learning the above information about our paper pencil making machine, now, you may have a clear understanding of each machine’s function, and also you may have any other questions about our machine or our company, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you know more information about us.
If you have great interest in our paper pencil making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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