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23 Feb,2018

In order to ensure a clean and hygienic growth environment for animal bedding, a large amount of nest litter needs to be used. Depending on the animal being raised, shavings, corn cobs and chopped straw can be used. In animal growth, the replacement of shavings is usually double-weekly changed, which requires a lot of shavings, but the shavings come from? Only need a wood shaving machine can be solved.
wood shaving machine manufacturer
Our factory is a professional production and sales of wood equipment manufacturers, the company provides the equipment padding production equipment: shaving mill, corn cob crusher, broken wood chips mill. Wood shavings machine: It is made of wood, lumber and other kinds of wood as raw material. It can be directly made into wood shavings through shaving machine. The shavings from wood shavings machine are of uniform size. There is no difference between curling and wood shavings. Machine can be made of shavings, shaving machine discharge size can also be adjusted as needed.

Of course, the products we produce from our wood shaving machine are more soft, tough, dry and so on. According to such characteristics, it is a good choice for shavings to be used as pet bedding for poultry and livestock. Particleboard, plywood market is very large, these aspects are only part of the use of wood shavings.

Our factory has been committed to upgrading technology, the new design wood shavings machine is simple and reasonable, compared to the traditional processing of materials less labor, so the price of machinery and equipment lower. The market is widely used, the machine blade cutting method, according to foreign shaving processing equipment to improve technology, we combine the market in the processing of wood shavings series of questions feedback, many aspects of adjustment, is now applicable to most customers demand for processing shavings .
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