Tips before using chopsticks

Publisher: Tina

20 Mar,2018

When people eat out, using chopsticks should be necessary. As a chopstick making machine supplier, I know the chopstick very well, in the passage, I want to talk about the tips of before using chopsticks.
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First of all, what is good quality chopsticks? Bamboo chopsticks of good quality, non-toxic and harmless, will not be deformed under high temperatures, and are inexpensive. Followed by wooden chopsticks, but the need is a natural wooden chopsticks, those painted wood chopsticks is not recommended because of the coating of bamboo disposable round chopstick equipment heavy metal lead and organic solvents such as benzene wood machinery factory in case of high temperature, oil will dissolve in In food, produce health hazards.

As for those colorful plastic chopsticks, throw it away as soon as possible, its texture is relatively crisp, easily deformed after heating, produce harmful substances to the body.
Can chopsticks serve health and cleanliness is the most important. Newly purchased chopsticks need to remove chopsticks’ viruses and bacteria accumulated during production and transportation, and certain chemical chopsticks. The chopsticks you just bought can be rinsed with tap water first, then rinsed with detergent and put in boiling water for half an hour before drying.

The correct cleaning method is: wash slowly with flowing water, wash it, dry it and put it into the chopsticks box. Chopsticks boxes should be cleaned once a week, and they should be sterilized regularly to ensure their inner walls are dry and sanitary.
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