How does toothpick produce?

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06 Mar,2018

 Most of people do not know the toothpick making machine, not to mention how does toothpick produce, in order to help people know,the passage will show you more.

Toothpicks are very common in our daily life, it is made of bamboo, wood or other materials. Usually, we use the bamboo toothpick and wood toothpick.Each one's teeth are not the same. When eating something may appear residual in the teeth inside. People will choose to use a toothpick to pick out the residue. I believe a lot of consumers want to know what toothpicks were produced. This time, let's talk about how does toothpicks produce.toothpick making machine manufacturer
We often sigh at the tiny bamboo toothpick, about a millimeter in diameter, with two pointy tips and a smooth whole body. Obviously it is not manually cut (who has such patience) and does not look like a machine cut, because it is too fine, the machine can be cut so fine, but can not cut so smooth; say, if one by one cut, from the efficiency is not cost-effective, I think it must be a machine However, the bamboo fiber is straight, making it hard to make each toothpick sharp and smooth on both ends.
Our factory has the toothpick making machine, Next, you may know some informations about our toothpick production line.
Our toothpick production line use the raw material of wood, after the wood chip machine, wood wire molding machine, wood wire size machine, polishing machine, Toothpick size machine, toothpick double tip single tip grinding machine, multi-purpose grinding machine and a series of steps , Processed into wood toothpick finished product.It is composed of a production line.toothpick production line cost
The working flow of our toothpick making machine :
Saw the original section of bamboo - Profile - Fixed width open flat - Layered - Bleach mouldproof - Drying - Length - Polished - Length - Sharpening - Packaging - Factory.
Our toothpick making machine can be very good manufacture of toothpick, toothpick production and manufacturing can be very good for consumers in this category to eat more detailed and sticky teeth food can be more comfortable.
As a manufacturer of toothpick making machine, our toothpick making machine of high-quality toothpick machines, disposable chopsticks machine, welcome customers come to place an order.
If you have great interest in our toohtpick prodution line, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
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