The Toothpick Machine Factory Talking Tips For Toothpicks

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27 Oct,2017

Toothpicks, is frequently used in life of small tools, can be the perfect solution to plug the predicament of a lot of time eating outside, many dishes can plug teeth, use a toothpick at this time, you can solve the embarrassment of opening so toothpick in People's Daily life has been promoted to essential items, but a toothpick in addition to the teeth, there are many other small use, what is it? Let the toothpick maker talk about other tips for toothpicks today.
Tape sealing paste: do you often worry about can't find the glue to take the lead and, especially the large tape to find more time-consuming, laborious at that time you only need to fix a toothpick in rubber lead the place, the next time when can find immediately for glue to take the lead.
2. Chopping vegetables non-stick knife: cut at ordinary times the some water more vegetables such as cucumber, cut vegetables often stick on the knife, you only need to put the toothpick with transparent adhesive tape on the knife, chopping vegetables wouldn't stick knife again.
3. Fruit preservation: if the fruit can't be eaten at a time, you just need to stick the toothpick in the middle of the fruit and cover the other half of the fruit so that the fruit can stay fresh.
In addition to these little useless, toothpicks can also clean your comb and cell phone for you, some small cracks can also clean up clean, temporary can't find the bookmarks when reading to do, use a toothpick to replace bookmarks, see next time don't have the time to find pages, when we have guests will make a fruit platter, toothpick as you eat, not only can take, also not convenient, so, little also have big use toothpicks? Have the need toothpick machine, chopsticks machine, bamboo signing machine welcome to inquire.

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