The method of using toothpick

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08 Mar,2018

Toothpick making machine is specialized in producing toothpicks. Toothpick making machine is very common in our life. Many consumers often choose to use toothpicks. Because of the different structure of the teeth when eating there may be some problems with seizures. Using a toothpick is a very good way. In the passage, toothpick making machine supplier will teach you the method of using toothpick.
Only use the toothpicks correctly ,then we can protect our teeth. Well, here's the right way to introduce toothpicks.toothpick making machine cost
1.Using toothpick once a day or after each meal.
2. Toothpicks to 45 degrees into the teeth and gums.
3, The tip points to the direction of the occlusal, the lateral edge of the gum touching the gap between the teeth.
4.Lowly slide along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth and do not use too much force or force.
5.With a toothpick's side edge along the tooth surface scraping the tooth surface, especially in the concave root surface and the root bifurcation of the site, the toothpick tip and the side edge can be scratched, and the tooth surface can be polished. Then, if there is food fiber impaction, you can do buccal lingual puncture to remove the food.
6. At the end, rinse your mouth and spit out food waste and dirt with your mouthwash.
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