What Kind Of Wood Can Make Ice Cream Stick?

Publisher: Tina

09 Nov,2017

The ice cream stick does not require too much material, as long as it is not deformed, discoloured, colorless, odorless, and there is no grease. The suitable trees have no poplar, willow, birch, peach, plum, pear, elm, yellow flower tree, forest log, Indus river, lychee, etc. But raw materials must be used in small corners of the drying process or raw material processing plant, without the removal of waste materials.
We are mainly export ice cream stick production line and tongue depressor production line by the rotary cutting machine, tri-carved cutting machine, also known as punching machine, drying and polishing machine, pressure tongue scraper brand machine, pressure machine, with a tongue scraper pressure tongue scraper baling machine, etc. Now, our customers are mainly in Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Iran, the United States and so on.

tongue depressor production line

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