Operate wood shaving machine safety

Publisher: Tina

24 Mar,2018

When we use the wood shaving machine, we should put our safety in the first, the following points, you shoule be attention when operate the wood shaving machine.
1. For the installation of equipment, the necessary conditions to choose a new power cord to ensure the safety of production.
2. The power cord shall be wired strictly in accordance with the requirements of the signboard and shall be connected to the ground wire.
3. Before start-up, check the degree of lubrication in each place, pay attention to the filling of butter, and the tightening degree of the screw can not be loose.
4. Feeds are produced to avoid doping with metal, waste, and debris. Especially harder materials can damage the blades of the machine.
5. After the machine is used, avoid rust caused by moisture, which will reduce the service life of the machine.
6. During work, the material feeding station is in a safe place. Workers are not allowed to wear gloves to avoid the hand entering the feeding port.

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