Barbecue stick making machine cost

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07 Feb,2018

With the rise of BBQ, the demands of barbecue sticks become more amd more greater. As a manufacturer of barbecue stick making machine, we have rich eaperience in this indudtry, and we know the cost of barbecue stick making machine.Do you want to open an factory to produce the barbecue sticks? Today, I will help you know the barbecue stick making machine in detail.
The barbecue stick making machine is composed of 6-10 machines, some of the machine is optional according to your real needs. Our barbecue has large capacity it can produce 600,000-800,000 pcs per 8 hours,and also, it easy to operate, both men and women can operate it.
 barbecue stick making machine
Next, I will show you each machine of the whole prodution line of the barbecue stick making machine:
1. Bamboo Sawing Machine: It is used to cut bamboo into certain length.
2. Bamboo Cutting Machine: This machine is used to split the bamboo into strips.
3. Fixed Width Slicer: Used for width and thickness setting and knot removing, separating green layer from yellow layer, ensures the surface quality of processed material.
4. Bamboo Stick Shaping Machine: This machine is used for making thick bamboo strip into thinner one.
5. Bamboo Stick Size Setting Machine: Special equipment for bamboo stick or wood stick fixed size cutting, especially for round stick size set.
6. Bamboo skewers Cutting Machine: Length setting for bamboo toothpick
7.Polishing Machine: It is to make the surface of skewers more smooth.
8. Finishing Machine: Dedicated equipment for tidying toothpicks. Through vibration, tidy the irregular toothpicks to achieve the effect of packaging.
9. Sharpening Machine: Used for sharpening bamboo barbecue skewers.
10. Blade Sharpening Machine: Used for blade grinding.
Now, you know each machine and its funcions, and surly you want to know more information about our machines. We can promise that These equipment have novel structures and good quality.Perfect after-sales service system is popular with customers .Our company has abundant technology, perfect management and complete production equipment .We have continuously developed, researched and innovated various products to achieve more market and profit for many customers.
All in all, we can not promise the price is lowest, but we can promise that best quality and most reasonable price.On the other hand,bigger order you placed,cheaper price you will get!
If you have great interest in our bamboo barbecue stick machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.

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