Bamboo meat skewer machine for sale

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07 Feb,2018

Our bamboo meat skewer machine mainly use to make fresh bamboo into meat skewer, the meat skewer machine including 6-10 machines, some of them are optional according to the customers actual needs. The whole production line not only used to make meat skewers, but also the toothpicks, bbq sticks, praying sticks ect, These machines are a multi-purpose machine.

In order to help you know more information about our bamboo meat skewers machine, please reading the following text in carefully.

Before knowing the advantage of the machine, we should know the name of each machine:
Bamboo sawing machine,bamboo dissection machine,combines flaker,bamboo slice set-size machine, bamboo skewers set-size machine, forming machine, sharpening machine, polishing machine,multi-sharpener.
bamboo meat stick machine
The advantage of the bamboo meat skewer machine:
1.Save labor:It needs 3-5 persons to operate the machine .
2.Large capacity: capacity is 600,000-800,000 pcs/8hour.
3.Easy to operate: Both men and women are available .
4.The specification of the bamboo stick is usually 2.5-3.0mm wide and 150-300mm long.Also according to customers' real requirements.
5.Generally speaking ,100kg fresh bamboo can be made into 20,000-40,000 pcs bamboo stick .It is about 10-18 kg dry bamboo stick .
6.The whole production line is well-designed, easy to repair.
7.It adopts industrial voltage 380V and consumes about 10 kw/h. And aso can be customized according to actual needs.
8.We are professional in this field.Contact us, we will give you professional advice.
The process of making meat skewers:
the original bamboo - take the material saw off - cut bamboo - cut open the film set the width of the wire - bleach - drying -cut - length - polished - tidy - pick up the residual sign - sharpening -pick up Residual sign - packing - storage (factory).
In addition, the company can provide users with project design, process design, price of standard and non-standard design and manufacture of new technical parameters for your letter. please call the company's sales department for site identified in the attributes of product pictures for reference only, please inquire,the specific price since telephone counseling, and also welcome customers to visit my company to place an order.

If you have great interests in our bamboo meat skewers machine, please kindly feel free to contact us.Very happy to do more for you.

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