Which Is Healthier, Bamboo Chopsticks Or Wooden Chopsticks?

Publisher: Tina

27 Oct,2017

Chopsticks can be said to be every day is will use the tableware of southeast Asian nations, and Europe's knife and fork, use chopsticks mechanism with chopsticks is our tradition, the bamboo and wooden chopsticks which is more healthy?
Life, most of the family meal is a mixture of chopsticks, chopsticks and cleaning method is not correct, if the long-term use of chopsticks, is easy to the digestive tract diseases, such as hepatitis, dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, etc.
Data show that nearly 50 percent of people have h. pylori in the body, and most of these bacteria are family spread, and chopsticks are one of the most important channels of transmission.
Which chopsticks are the healthiest?
The chopsticks, the blue, the red, the carved, the painted, the blue and white porcelain, the cartoon, the alien, not all want to own? But after bought, most of the chopsticks are simply as a collection, occasionally took a look at, play well, exactly what kind of chopsticks, the most healthy, the most suitable, most qualified to accompany our three meals a day?
One, the best choice -- bamboo chopsticks
When we choose chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are the first and best choice. It's harmless, environmentally friendly, and it's the cheapest of all the chopsticks. Good quality bamboo chopsticks will not be distorted in high temperatures.
Second, the second choice -- natural wooden chopsticks
Wooden chopsticks? A lot of chopsticks are made of wood. They are wooden chopsticks. Can they be used? Of course not! I recommend the wooden chopsticks of the natural color. On the contrary, those painted wooden chopsticks are the least recommended.
Three, least recommend everybody use - color lacquer chopsticks
The chopsticks are very beautiful and have many changes, but it is these beautiful chopsticks that I do not recommend that you use in your daily life. Because of the heavy metals in paint, lead and organic solvent benzene and other substances, the body will produce many unknown hidden dangers, affecting health.
In addition to making chopsticks, bamboo is a toothpick, toothpick machine efficiency is very high, can produce much more special toothpicks, also won't waste materials, bamboo stick machine also is such, bamboo stick on the grill is used.

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