The Chopstick Machine Market Is Not Worried About Sales

Publisher: Tina

27 Oct,2017

Our chopsticks every year, when you go to abroad a lot, also consumes a lot of their domestic market, we as a professional machine manufacturer of chopsticks, our machine is a good helper of your rapid production of chopsticks chopsticks, we as a professional factory house of chopsticks, we continue to bring more benefits to consumers.
Bamboo or wood disposable chopsticks equipment, bamboo or wooden disposable chopsticks machine, quality guarantee, welcome consultation and negotiation; Twin chopsticks machine process: wood drying specifications - shard - scale - molding - polishing - packaging - the factory in the mid - 1980 - s, the disposable chopsticks best-selling southeast Asia and Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, only disposable chopsticks manufacturers in north China exports to Japan and South Korea 3 million cases each year, a total of 15 billion pairs of wooden chopsticks. Bamboo or wooden chopsticks equipment, bamboo or wooden disposable chopsticks machine is a good helper for you to get rich. Chinese market consumption is very big, all kinds of bamboo wooden chopsticks chopsticks is indispensable in the daily necessities in People's Daily life, in addition to the annual production and discard of more than 450 pairs of disposable chopsticks, hotel, canteen consumption is great, and is a one-time consumables.
Although our country is rich in various resources, but as environmental loving we still hope everyone to use less disposable products, we are constantly improving our products, to make our products to reduce environmental pollution, if you are interested in our line, welcome to join us.

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