The Toothpick Machine Factory Analyze The Process For You

Publisher: Tina

27 Oct,2017

The toothpick factory will analyze the working process of your toothpick machine.
1. The available logs, wood and timber for the different specifications of the wood, should first will adopt woodworking band saw timber processing or disk saw growth of 500 mm, 60 mm wide, about 32-34 mm thick dry square billet, and then put into 1-7 machines processed into wooden toothpick.
2. The above 7 machine into a production lines, 8 hours to produce 800000 (two the head), the factory is a fixed-point production of big small and medium-sized wood again Machine health chopsticks, toothpicks machinery factory, wooden toothpick factory, wooden toothpick equipment manufacturer, in technology and operation, production, quality and so on various aspects than previous generations of products more advanced, more innovative, more applicable, by the trust of users. Toothpick is a consumable, it is a never dried up the market, production wooden toothpick project investment is very suitable for family, the overstepping the pollution of the environment, less investment, quick effect, high return, is the ideal of laid-off and unemployed people to get rich. After the arrival of the goods to the buyer, the seller can send the technician to the door to help the installation, adjust the machine to normal operation, regardless of salary. Warranty for one year.

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