The Bamboo Stick Machine Factory Says The Alternative Use Method For Old Bamboo Sticks

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27 Oct,2017

Barbecue is a lot of people like to eat, no matter buy or did you do at home, in the street is very delicious, want to barbecue need to prepare tools, a burn oven, as well as bamboo stick, and a variety of ingredients. The food is eaten, the oven can be reused, and the bamboo sticks are discarded, but in fact the bamboo planters think you can use the old bamboo sticks in this way.
An alternative bamboo signature candle holder
Materials: bamboo sticks, belts, glue
Barbecue is the leisure activity that everybody likes, the bamboo that wears roasting skewers is big to throw away very regrettable, do not want to collect again, waste is used. Use a knife to cut the waste belt into a different shape, the reverse coating the glue, the bamboo sticks one stick tightly stick, after the sticky, you can make a shape at will. You can hardly believe that this changing and multi-terminal installation art is actually made of bamboo sticks! You can even use it as a candlestick.
A small tree with a flourish of bamboo skewers
Materials: scrap wire, stone, bamboo sticks
Beautiful CARDS, important business CARDS don't have to worry about no place to put, wire and don't throw old, only need to find a stone, can solve all problems: screw together with a few iron wires, the bamboo stick from time to time set aside, optional folding your desired shape. At the end of each branch, the stick is attached to a clip of a similar spring. Finally, put the roots on the stone, and if you don't want the tree to be too lonely, make a few cute little mushrooms for the little tree.
Utilization methods still have a lot of the old bamboo stick, in addition to make your own bamboo handicrafts, consumers can also use bamboo stick to their own life more convenient, that what method, depends on the consumer own imagination and practice, the bamboo stick vendors would just ACTS as a topic.

The bamboo stick machine also called barbecue stick machine.if you need the barbecue stick making machine,you can contact me.

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