Cotton Swab Making Machine Factory

Publisher: Tina

31 Oct,2017

This cotton swab making machine from raw material feed - production molding - drying - finished product packaging, all for automatic integration production, saving manpower.
1. The bag system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, which has high precision and error less than 1mm.
2. The controller adopts LCD display; Intuitive and convenient, easy operation, convenient bag length adjustment, counting, paperless automatic alarm.
3. Hot seal four-way heating control, the two side sealing channels can be adjusted individually; The heat balance is good and the sealing quality is guaranteed to be suitable for various packing materials. It also heats up quickly and reduces heating time.
4. Intelligent photoelectric color calibration control system; Good visibility side open protection baffle, safe operation.
5, blanking system adopts rotary 12 20 mm stainless steel turntable, artificial feeding, automatic open closed blanking, humanized design, convenient feeding and convenient BuKa materials, a variety of heterosexual floss toothpicks or similar plastic products, toys, beautiful and practical.
cotton swab making machine

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