Chopsticks Machine Factory Reminds Everybody To Be Diligent In Winter

Publisher: Tina

31 Oct,2017

Disinfection is a very good thing, and free disinfection way is to illuminate sunshine, the home some quilt, chopsticks can bask, especially in winter, disinfection is necessary. The chopstick machine factory says there are other things to watch out for.
You should change your chopsticks quickly when you are 3-june
The inquiry found that, in the use of chopsticks machine manufacturers to 3-6 months of the time, the color of their own will follow the moment and the frequency of the use of the attack becomes deeper or lighter. In addition, because of the frequency of the use of the chopsticks, the edible paint suffered from wear. Only when the chopsticks and the purchase are changed, especially the color, they need to be replaced immediately.
The change of the color of chopsticks indicates that the raw material itself must be changed by the company. The elements that form color change are commonly used in the process of food, detergents and air, out of the inside of the cabinet to attach to the result. The long accumulation of bacteria is also a major factor in the change of color.
Take a look and see if the chopsticks expire
When we use chopsticks, every day we investigate whether the appearance of chopsticks is attached to mottled, especially mildew. Bamboo products and woodwork products are the most favorite living environment of mildew, and only the environment is not boring, the content of the material's own humidity can reach certain degree, it can be produced only one day.
Experts suggest that once the chopstick has mildew on it, it is necessary to stop using it at the first moment.
Tip: if the chopstick has a non-bamboo or woody mottled nature, it indicates that the chopsticks are likely to be mouldy, and can not be used continuously. The chopsticks appear to be wet or meandering and deformed, indicating that they have been damped or placed too long and may well have passed the expiration date; Smell, if there is an obvious sour taste, it is the symbol that is contaminated or expired, cannot continue to use.
Chopsticks are dried to avoid mold
According to the understanding, at present ordinary people's home use chopsticks are mainly bamboo and wood, very few are metal. However, the use of these two materials is relatively special, and we usually keep the chopsticks clean and clean, and put them in the chopsticks tube or cabinet.
When the chopsticks are not completely exposed to the sun, the humidity makes it very simple and mouldy, which can have an effect on the health of the body. In the use of chopsticks, it is necessary to ensure that the chopsticks are a dry place or storage, as much as possible without the mildew breeding environment.
Experts advise: a week put chopsticks in boiling water after half an hour, placed in air exposure to use boring, it can reach the effect of disinfection, and can effectively and quickly wipe out the chopsticks in the mold.
The newly bought chopsticks must be cleaned and then sterilized before they can be used. It is the same as if the new clothes should be washed, and the bacteria in the chopsticks can be killed by boiling water.
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