Wood Shaving Machine Price

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31 Oct,2017

The wood shaving machine is a new type of woodworking machinery, which is mainly used for bulk production of thin thin slice shavings, which is an automatic wood planer. The planer (wood planer) can be used as a processing machine, such as sticks, branches, branches and so on. The shavings produced by the planer are the same as those produced in the furniture factory. The machine adopts automatic feeding device, which is much simpler than the traditional operation, and also increases the speed of planing production, saving manpower and time.
Working principle:
Wood shaving machine is combination of breeding mat shaving machine manufacturing technology and now made of different inlet is adopted, with automatic feed wood by the inlet into the machine, inside the machine again after the blade slices, and then enter the screen mesh, can come out uniform shavings, the thin thickness of the wood shaving machine can be adjusted on its own. Shaving machine after years of continuous improvement, my company is now the point of the product reached a mature stable, my company attaches great importance to the customer feedback information, in the production of insufficient demand and gradually improve, making our products more efficient and stable service to you.
Adaptive range of wood planer
Wood shaver machine the machine logs, branches (branches), can be processed into shavings plate edge, the production of wood shavings and furniture factory production of wood shavings, automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, it also saves time and manpower.
Wood shaving machine can do particieboard (plywood), wood pulp paper mills do raw materials, transportation company do fragile fillings, for small pigs, cattle, sheep, and various kinds of animals do fillings, the socket can also be used as a biofuel.

wood shaving machine

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