The Working Principle Of The Round Wood Stick Making Machine

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31 Oct,2017

Round wood stick making machine adopts automatic feeding, automatic return two functions, the material can be used to manufacture wooden  rod, also can improve the processing speed. This set of equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoes, wood stick, mop and production tools in the wood of workers and peasants, and furniture decoration, decoration of the round wood used for processing. The woodworking circular rod machine is used for the processing and production of the round timber, such as the pick and palladium, the mop rod, the rolling pin, etc., and the furniture decoration and decoration. It can also be used to design machinery and equipment for users to make demands.
Wood round stick machine, woodworking machine of round, round rods machine shovel machine, large round bar machine, heavy machine of round, small round bar machine, fully automatic machine of round, spade drag machine machine, round bar machine, sanding machine is round of round rod machine accessories, sanding machine is mainly used for sanding and screw head, stick is more smooth to use round bar, finished product processed products round rod taper tip is much easier to install on the shovel, hoe. The equipment is mainly used in the processing of the tool wood in the iron and ash, hoe, daily mop and industrial and agricultural products, and the decoration and decoration of the round wood. This set of equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoes, daily use mop and production tools in the wood of workers and peasants, and the round bar furniture decoration, decoration machine working principle: adopt unique structure, seal and bearing replacement is more convenient and easy. Woodworking machine tools are made of wood. The foot user maintains the circular rod machine characteristics at any time; The grinding diameter of the round rod can be customized. If the diameter of the size can be customized, please contact customer service for details. It is used to polish some wood sticks, and the round bar is not stuck to the wood. It does not have a screeching sound during processing, and the feed theory cast iron casting steel and discharging wheel cast iron.

round wood stick making machine

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