Commercial use toothpick quantitative filling machine

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07 Feb,2018

Our toothpick quantitative filling machine for commerical use is popular in the toothpick filling machine.The machine adopts the microcomputer intelligent control that can guarantee the filling more accuracy, quickly and automatically. This kind of toothpick filling machine not only can use plastic box to pack, but also the paper box.

As a manufacturer of toothpick filling machine, in the passage, I will show you the detail of toothpick filling machine.
The introduction of our toothpick quantitative filling machine:
Our toothpick filling machine is special filling machine for long toothpicks.It is to weighing filling by taper weighting hopper. The toothpicks will be discharged to the box or bottle by Infrared ray interaction. So it can improve the accuracy degree of quantities’ packing.
toothpick quantitative filling machine
The advantage of our toothpick quantitative filling machine:
1.This machine is controlled by microcomputer, which can guarantee the filling more accuracy, quickly and automatically.
2. Toothpicks touching part is made of stainless steel, which is more safe.
3. Double damping structure, which can guarantee the machine working more stable.
4. Inclined throwing toothpick sending, which will not do harm to the toothpicks. And this is more suitable for easy broken product filling.

Our toothpick filling machines are exported to Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the united Arab emirates, the kyrgyz republic, Canada, the United States and other dozens of countries, all of our customers have bulit a good relationship between us.

Now, do you want to open a factory about toothpick filling machine? And if you want to know more information about our machine and our company, please feel free contact us.

In addition, the company can provide users with project design,process design, price of standard and non-standard design and manufacture of new technical parameters for your letter. please call the company's sales department for site identified in the attributes of product pictures for reference only, please inquire,the specific price since telephone counseling, and also welcome customers to visit my company to place an order.

If you have great interest in our toothpick filling machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
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