How to operate Automatical toothpick filling machine

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07 Feb,2018

As a supplier of automatic toothpick filling machine, we are very resposibility for our customers. In order to help our customers know how to operate and help most people know operate toothpick filling machich. In this passage,I will show you the details of how to operate the automatic toothpick filling machine.
automatic toothpick filling machine
The operating process of toothpick filling machine:
1. Plug in the power, turn on  the machine, and the computer control panel indicator light is on, and the machine sends out "drop... According to the key of the machine, the machine will automatically reset to standby mode.
2. Fill the filling bucket with the toothpick that needs to be filled, and the add/minus key on the control panel and set the filling weight you need.
3. Set the speed on the control panel 'fast. Slow' to select the speed you need.
4. Select the speed after the start key on the control panel, the machine into automatic mode and automatically install irrigation with continuous quantitative parameters.
5. During dispensing, it need to suspend or toothpick is dispensed finished, press the stop button, the machine is at a standstill standby.
6.Quantitative packing quantity will be show in the "Quantity" column, for clear display value, re-switch again.
7. To clear the toothpick inside the machine, press the key once to discharge a clear material, hold the discharge button for 5 seconds and hold for the long clear material, the machine will enter a long discharge status.
8. Dispensing is completed, when you needn’t use it for a long time, turn off the power switch.

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After reading the above information, do you know how to operate the automatic toothpick filling machine? If not, don’t worry, please contact us ,we will provide the more details of our toothpick filling machine.
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