Development Of The Pencil Machine Industry?

Publisher: Tina

14 Nov,2017

The pencil machine industry was generally in the doldrums last year, but some listed companies sought to break through the merger.
Weak demand and declining industry performance
For decline in performance is due, by the state investment in fixed assets, especially the effects of the slowing investment growth continued in other industries, pencil machinery products market demand slump in form continued became the common pencil machinery industry unhappiness.
In addition, pencil machinery companies are also actively transforming. The strategic transformation of suzhou tangde machinery co., LTD. Has been gradually falling to the ground. With the technical innovation, the influence of the pencil machinery has been increasing and the market is getting better and better.
Transform and upgrade, get out of the industry winter early.
The cold winter of the pencil machinery industry has lasted several days. Can the industry adjustment be over in 2016? Professionals such as brokers give a relatively sanguine view.
Following the supply-side reform , the dynamic performance of the periodic plates under the catalysis of the supply-side reform has led to a more eye-catching rebound after a long-term downward dip in pencil mechanical experience. At present, the pencil machinery industry is still at the bottom of the cycle, but due to the expectation of sustained easy policy and the impact of economic recovery, the starting data will improve and the sector will continue to rebound.
As the industry has experienced a sustained decline in the industry of the pencil machinery industry, the industry continues to have a large downward space. Once the market improves, the upward space is worth imagining. Need to pay close attention to in the second quarter of the corresponding market and the market demand for mechanical pencil is confirmed, if the downstream demand is confirmed, so, in the second quarter of structural market opportunity to pencil machinery industry.

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