Make a Pencil Takes More Than Thirty Steps

Publisher: Tina

15 Nov,2017

In the beginning of the school season, there will always be a few new pencils in the pencil-box of primary school students, and a pencil will cost less than 1 yuan. However, how many hands are needed for a pencil to be "born"? In the production workshop of a company, stirring from raw materials, mixing ingredients, baking core, burning core to plank cutting, gluing, assembling... After a rough statistics, it takes more than thirty steps to make a pencil.
Walked into a pencil company on the first floor of the milling workshop, a few rolled the kneading machine "open mouth" at work, kneading machine is stirring a mass of black raw material, to know here stirring is the raw material of producing lead core: graphite and clay. "Many people have a misconception that lead is made of lead. In fact, the early pencils contain lead, but now the main components of lead are graphite and binder, which are no longer lead, so it is harmless to children.
The kneading machine is based on the different varieties of lead core, and it has been used in the past. Now the enterprise improves the equipment and USES the electric feeder, which can be completed by manual operation. Suzhou tende mechanical pencil to know that even so, all workers master are kept near the machine still dressed black with graphite, the operation is a Lao shifu said, "even the mouth saliva to work every day are all black, fortunately there was a bathroom in the unit, take a shower will dare to go home after work, otherwise, the family didn't recognize!" "He said, laughing.

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wooden pencil making machine

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