Start a toothpick making machine factory

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01 Feb,2018

Nowadays, in order to make a better living, people are looking for the industry which has development prospects.As a result, the toothpick making machine as a spring industry attracts most of people’s attention.Because the toothpick making industry has the advantage of low investment and high profits.
toothpick making machine supplier
As a supplier of toothpick making machine, in the passage, I will show you how to start a toothpick making factory.

First, you must know, what is toothpick making machine.
Toothpick making machine is mainly used for making toothpicks from wood,  bamboo or any other material.Take our company’s toothpick making machine for example, the whole production line including 8-10 machines,can produce 600,000-800,000 pcs per 8 hours, and only needs 3-5 labors.The machines can be adjusted according to you actual demands.

Second, you should know the process of making toothpicks, the process is very sample. The raw material in advance will log into standard dry square billet - shard - into silk - (poor color appropriate to bleaching, drying) length cut - polishing - remove the defect to sign - cutting cutting flower, remove the defect sign, packing, warehousing .If you have not understanding some deails , please feel free to contact us, we will introduce you.

Third, the most important thing is to choose a good toothpick making machine supplier. Our company always top the list in the toothpick industry and we are professional in this filed. Our factory has strong technical force and advanced production equipment, so far we have been developing research and innovative products continuously. We always hold market information, grasp market changes, and make products that satisfy our customers. At a reasonable price, excellent product quality, the high quality service for the customer the biggest satisfaction, always adhere to the "quality, service first" for the purpose, to win more market and profit for our customers. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory, guidance and business.

If you have the intention to open a toothpick making machine factory, please contact us, we will provide the professional advise.

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