Hot sale wooden chopstick making machine in China

Publisher: Tina

01 Feb,2018

Owing to have the advantages of low investment, high profits.Our wooden chopstick making machine is very popular among many countries, they have a great interests to order our wooden chopstick machine. Why our machine for hot sale, in the next text, I will analysis the reason for you.

Our wooden chopstick making machine have novel structures and good quality.Perfect after-sales service system is popular with customers.Our factory has abundant technology, perfect management and complete production equipment .We have continuously developed, researched and innovated various products to achieve more market and profit for many customers.
wooden chopstick making machine sale
According to the introduction, most people still don’t know the machine in details, so in order to help you know the wooden toothpick making machine better, I will show you each machine and its functions.Then, you may know why our machine for hot sale.
1.Timber Slicer:The machine is mainly used for the timbers of the wood, and the dry square is cut through the machine and cut into the wood slice, and it's simple and fast.
2.Wood-wools Forming Machine:The role of the machine is to put the wood into wood round silk. By changing the different specifications of the cutting tools, production of different specifications of products, such as wood round chopsticks, wooden toothpick, etc.)
3.Wood-wool Fixed Size Machine:This machine is a special equipment for cutting off bamboo and wood wire. It is mainly used for the product determination of round silk type, which has the advantages of high production efficiency and simple operation.
4.Round Chopstick Head sharpener:customers can choose different specifications of the machine for different specifications of the bamboo round rods sharpening, engraved designs one time. Is mainly apply to cutting tip for of single round chopstick, toothpick, etc
5.Polisher:This machine is used for polishing round bamboo silk and wood wire. The finished product has been repeatedly shaken and rubbed back and forth in this machine, making the surface of the product smooth. It is mainly used in the production of bamboo chopsticks and bamboo sticks.
6.Multi-functional knife sharpener:The machine for bamboo and wood machinery tool grinding. It is mainly used for wire drawing machine, lamination machine, such as a floor machine tool grinding.
7.Chopstick packing machine:The machine is mainly used for the packaging of various chopsticks. It can be used for automatic counting, and it can be used for feeding, sealing and cutting off the finished plastic wrapping chopsticks.

After reading these information, if you still have questions about our wooden chopstick making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.

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