Do you know toothpick making process?

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31 Jan,2018

Do you know how to produce toothpick?Do you know toothpick making machine? If not, don't worry, in the passage, I will introduce the toothpick making process and toothpick making machine.
toothpick making process
First, I will introduce you the toothpick making machine including how many machines:
The wood toothpick making machine includes: Timber slice machine,Wood forming machine,Wood slice set-size machine,Toothpick set-size machine,Toothpick polishing machine,Toothpick tidying machine,Toothpick sharpening machine,Knife sharpener.
The bamboo toothpick making machine includes:Sawing machine (bamboo),Bamboo dissestion machine,Combined flaker,Bamboo filament shaping machine,Bamboo filament set-size machine,Toothpick set size machine,Polishing machine,Orderting machine,Toothpick sharpen machine,Multi-sharpen machine.
Compared with the 2 machines, you may see there is small differences between the 2 machines.

Second, I will show you the process of making toothpick:

The original bamboo or wood - picking section open sawing - cutting bamboo or wood stick - piece of fixed width into silk - bleaching - drying - cutting off - length - polishing - neat - remove the defect to sign - nib - remove the defect sign.

Third, the advantages of toothpick making machine:
1.Large capacity.The whole production line can produce 60000-80000 pcs per 8 hours.
2.Save labor.The whole production line only needs 4-5 person, and save time,when they work they just do few things.
3.Easy to operate. Each machine of the production line is easy to operate, both men and women can learn to operate the machine easily.
4.Low investment and high profits. The whole production costs is low, and the profits is much high because of the great demands of toothpick. The most important, the raw material is wide and cheap.

Finally, the service of our company.
The company's production equipment is advanced and the product is constantly improving; With a large number of professional researchers and high quality operation management team, with the advanced concept of creating an international modern enterprise, the company has been gradually mature with the advantages of capital, talent, technology, management, research and development, operation, etc., and has gone to the international enterprises.

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