Function of wooden toothpick making machine

Publisher: Tina

31 Jan,2018

It's amazing that most of people don't know how to produce toothpicks and how the toothpick making machine works.
Nowadays we have the chance come into the toothpicks every day, but most people don't know how to produce toothpicks. As a wooden toothpick making machine supplier, I believe I have the responsibility to tell people how to make toothpicks. In the passage, I will introduce the functions of each machine firstly, it may help you know the wooden toothpick making machine clearly.
wooden toothpick making machine
The functions of each machine of the toothpick making machine;
1.Timber slice machine:This machine is mainly used for the fragmentation of wood. The dry square wood is separated into pieces by this machine, which is easy to operate and fast.
2.Wood forming machine:The purpose of this machine is to process wood chips into wood filaments. Different specifications can be used to produce products of different specifications(such as wooden round chopsticks and toothpicks).
3.Wood slice set-size machine:This machine is mainly used for the production of round silk products, which has the advantages of high production efficiency and easy to operation.
4.Toothpick set-size machine:This machine is specially designed for toothpick set-size, and the precision standard is mainly used for the processing of toothpick, which has the advantages of stable production 、high efficiency and easy operation.
5.Toothpick polishing machine:This machine is mainly used to make the surface of the toothpick more smooth.
6.Toothpick tidying machine:The machine is mainly used to form the toothpick line in order, easy to operate.
7.Toothpick sharpening machine:This machine is a toothpick sharpening device which is easy to operate, easy to adjust, stable quality and high production efficiency.
8.Knife sharpener:The machine is used for the grinding of bamboo and wood mechanical tools. It is mainly used for the grinding of machine tools such as slitting machine.

Now, you may know some information about the functions of wooden toothpick making machine, if you want to know more information about our  toothpick making machine, please feel free to contact us, we are 24 hours online, your questions will be solved quickly. 

Next, I will show you some advantages of our wooden toothpick making machine:
1.Large capacity.The whole production line can produce 60000-80000 pcs per 8 hours.
2.Save labor.The whole production line only needs 4-5 person, and save time,when they work they just do few things.
3.Easy to operate. Each machine of the production line is easy to operate, both men and women can learn to operate the machine easily.
4.Low investment and high profits. The whole production costs is low, and the profits is much high because of the great demands of toothpick. The most important, the raw material is wide and cheap.
Do you have some interest with our wooden toothpick making machine.Or you want to know more information about our machines, please contact us or visit our website.
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