Why choose our toothpick making machine?

Publisher: Tina

31 Jan,2018

With the growth of toothpicks’ demands, more and more peole are tend to open toothpick making industry.In order to open the toothpick making factory, the most important thing is to buy the toothpick making machine.There are many manufacturers of toothpick making machine, they don’t know how to select a company which is suitable for them. As a manufacturers, I want you choose our company. In the following text, I will show you the reason why you choose our toothpick making machine.
toothpick making machine
First, the advantage of our toothpick making machine:
1.Large capacity.The whole production line can produce 60000-80000 pcs per 8 hours.
2.Save labor.The whole production line only needs 4-5 person, and save time,when they work they just do few things.
3.Easy to operate. Each machine of the production line is easy to operate, both men and women can learn to operate the machine easily.
4.Low investment and high profits. The whole production costs is low, and the profits is much high because of the great demands of toothpick. The most important, the raw material is wide and cheap.
Besides the advantages of low price, simple operation and high production efficiency. We also have the perfect service.
Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and business model innovation", not only developing new products, exploring new business models, but also establishing a perfect after-sales service system.Our company's toothpick making machines are moving towards international along with intelligent, humanized and high-efficiency standards with strong scientific research and development and application capabilities.
We have achieved the three strategic systems of "hard technology, good product and excellent after-sales service", which has been ranked the first in the industry and has been well received by users.

And also, after you bought our toothpick making machines, we will provide long term service for you.
1.Free technical training, until the users can independent operation and production (Customers can come to our factory or we mail the production technology of materials for free.).
2.All the machines our factory sold the warranty for one year, and we also supply low-priced accessories.
3.Our factory is responsible for the long-term technology consulting services at any time for customers to solve various problems.
4.Our factory has the sample prototype.. All of the customer who buy our factory equipment, can get free follow-up improvement techniques.

Now, if you are interested in our toothpick making machine, please feel free to contact us, your requiry will make us happy, some more information about our toothpick making machine, please visit our website or contact us.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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