Ear bud making machine manufacture

Publisher: Tina

03 Feb,2018

Now, with the growth demands of cotton swabs, many people have the desire to buy ear bud making machine to produce ear buds. The first question is to find a reliable manufacturer to buy ear bud making machine.

Our company is professional in this field, and we have rich experience in making this kinds of machine. We also provide our customer’s the best service.
Our company always insist on quality first, customer supreme spirit, to maintain the company's reputation, perform maintenance work in accordance with the requirements for the buyer the contract system, to ensure that the project and product after-sales exert its application efficiency. Our company guarantee in accordance with the company's quality management policy, implement the introspection and the supervision, delivered to the user a high grade, perfect, good system engineering. Our company promises to provide high quality and reliability of the product, meet the requirements of design, and system scalability and consider the future has reserved accordingly.

ear bud making machine
Knowing the use of cotton swabs, you may curious about What is ear bud making machine.
The ear bud making machine of our company adopted computer PLC process control, with Infrared Warm wind type drying technology. It is drying the cotton swab during the operation. Then, the vacuum inhaled manipulator controlled by microcomputer servo motor to feed the cotton swab to finished feeding cotton, crushing cotton, forming cotton roll, drying, packing and other series of production process.

The advantage of our cotton swab making machine:
1.The cotton swab size is adjustable, we can change the model according to user’s real needs.
2.The machine is labor saving , with high working efficiency, high speed,large capacity.
3.Production of the uniform cotton swabs, level off, smooth, beautiful.
4.The machine parts design is concise, easy to repair and maintain.
cotton swab machine products
Untill now,you may have some questions about us, if you have any other questions ,contact us, we are 24 hours online.

1.We are 24 hours online .Your inquiry will be quick reply  by email, and also you can go through all questions with us by any online chatting tools (Wechat ,Whatsapp,Skype ,E-mail ,QQ , etc. ) 
2.We will show you professionally and patiently introduction of our machines through details pictures and video.
3.When you buy our machine, before we sent the machine to you, we will test every machine and inspect the machine seriously.
4.Send the machine picture which you order, then packing it with standard export wooden box after you confirm the machine is ok .
5.After you bought our machine , we will provide free insurance for machines.
6.24 hours online to solve any problem . Supply you English manual book and technical support,maintain and install video to help you solve the problem, or dispatch worker to your factory.

If you have great interest in our ear bud making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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