How to process wood shavings?

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02 Feb,2018

In the minds of most people, the production of wood shavings is still by traditional means. However, the traditonal means is out of date for a long time.The wood shaving machine has replaced the manual production method, and the wood can be crushed into shavings in an efficient and quick way, which is more convenient than the traditional way.
 wood shaving machine supplier
The wood shaving machine of our company after years of continuous improvement, our company is now the point of the product reached a mature stable, my company attaches great importance to the customer feedback information, in the production of insufficient demand and gradually improve, making our products more efficient and stable service to you.
As a wood shaving supplier, I will show you how to process wood shavings by using our wood shaving machine.
The process of making wood shavings as felow:
The feeding port adopts automatic feeding device, the wood is fed into the machine through the feeding port, and then it is sliced through the blade in the machine, and then it enters the sieve net, which can come out with uniform size of the shavings, and the thin thickness of the shavings machine can be adjusted by itself.
 wood shaving machine process
Now, you know the process of making wood shavings,you may ask why choose your company to buy the machine, after reading the following information, you will get the answer.
1.Our machine  has simple operation and high productivity , and also compact structure, convenient maintenance at the same time.
2.Our machine has the advantages of Energy-saving, small investments, and good economic benefits.
3.Our machine can work continuously, shorten work time, improve work efficiency, create more business value.
4.Our machine wide application, can handle logs, branches, edge cutting, high speed, low attrition rate.
So, if you have a great interest in our wood shaving machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
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