Small wood shaving machine for animal bedding

Publisher: Tina

02 Feb,2018

Our small wood shaving machine is mainly used for making shavings from log, wood, branch, crotch, leftover materials, etc.Our wood shaving machine can produce different size shavings according to customers’ real requirements. The log shaving mchine has large capacity, it can produce 400-4000kg shavings per hour.
small wood shaving machine for animal bedding
However, most people don’t know the function of wood shavings.As a supplier of wood shaving machine, Today, I will show you the use of shavings in our life. Hope the passage can help you.

Wood Shaving is widely used in our life.
Shavings are a kind of new demand materials for the market, and the use of shavings is very wide. For young friends who want to start their own business, they can be said to be highly profitable. The wood shavings, which are made of wood shavings, are small in size and range of purpose: particleboard (plywood), which is often used in furniture manufacturing. Raw material of wood pulp paper from the paper mill; In the logistics transportation, some fragile goods add some shavings as filler; Shavings are commonly used in poultry farms as the nest filling of animals; It can also be use as a biological energy source.
At present, more and more people are like keeping pets, the wood shaving is best for making bed for animals. It is very cheap and easy to obtain. So, the growth of needs for shavings, let wood shaving machine industry constantly developing.

If you have a great interest of opening wood shaving machine factory, It is a wise choice to choose our company, our wood wool machinery has the advantages as fellow:
1.Automatic feeding equipment, greatly improve the production speed, it also saves time and manpower
2.Simple operation, high productivity; compact structure, convenient maintenance.
3.Preventative System for Wood Jamming, conveyor feeding shavings out 
4.Energy-saving, small investment, good economic benefits. 
5.Powerful working system, safety Protection, high quality blade, long service life, cost saving.
6.Shaving wood size can be adjusting by yourself, meet customer different requirements, high efficiency and high quality.
7.Energy can be alternative of electric and diesel, meet the needs of customers of different countries and regions.
8.Machine can work continuously and shorten work time, improve work efficiency and create more business value.
9.Widely application, can processing logs, branches, edge into shavings, high speed, low waste rate.
10.Samll size, occupied less space.

If you have great interest in our wood shaving machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.

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