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05 Mar,2018

Our ice cream stick making machine is used in many ways. As a manufacturer of ice cream making machine, I want to tell you more informations.

We often eat ice cream in the summer. After eating ice cream, do not throw the ice cream bar into the trash. Because it looks like a small wooden rod, you can make a lot of interesting toys. The materials are easy to use and the production methods are simple.
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For example, ice cream bar is suitable for children's development Chile, DIY, can be composed of small pen holder, small aircraft and other such craft bar can also be dyed, turning waste into treasure, to create a beautiful piece of jewelry to come, which is comparable to the market The collage sold is also warm. 
So the questions is how does a little ice cream bar made? You should know our ice cream stick making machine.

Ice cream stick making machine is the raw material of wood, after rotary machine, carve cutting machine, chamfering machine (optional equipment), Knife sharpening (optional equipment) and a series of production lines, processed into finished ice cream bar, tongue depressor Equipment.
Our factory in the ice cream stick making machine for many years in the production process, take the major rotary cutter manufacturer director, well-designed, is the industry's most high-quality products. This peeling machine main motor adopts frequency control, plus auxiliary large claws, external electromagnetic clutch, high production efficiency, is 1.5 times the productivity of other similar peeling machine. This product is durable, it is 3-4 times the life of other similar peeling machine. In the actual operation proved that reached: the provincial manpower - high efficiency - low power consumption and other advantages.
Moreover, the ice cream stick manufacturers can also process and package according to customer requirements (such as imprinting, dyeing, etc.), from the lower timber, cooking and disinfection, peeling, to peeling, punching, drying, polishing, A quality inspection, the second quality inspection, the machine automatically sorting ... ... step by step down through the most rigorous manufacturing process.
If you need further information about our ice cream stick making machine, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you. Our contact information is as follows:
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