Paper Pencil Making Machine Factory

Publisher: Tina

23 Nov,2017

Our company promptly introduced new environmental protection products according to the market demand, produced environmentally-friendly pencils with waste paper, the environmentally-friendly pencil produced by our company is a newspaper rolled with waste paper, after hardened, the newspaper has a wooden quality, and the ink pen Is the integration of the collective and core changes. Do not loose the core. Rolling cut performance is obviously better than wooden pencil, and has the advantages of fire prevention. Aseptic packaging using plastic film is a non-staining. Save wood. Forest resources to protect a wide range of environmentally friendly products; there is a graphite core. hb-8b can produce round rod, length 174mm, diameter 7.4 and +0.2 mm. high quality. Excellent price, production is based on customer requirements. Since its launch, it has won high praise from customers and customers. At the same time, the project has the support of government departments! The company will always be "quality first" spirit of enterprise, warmly welcome customers at home and abroad throughout the visit! In the "honest and trustworthy" principle, sincerely hope that your sincere cooperation!
Paper pencil making machine with domestic power automation, easy to operate, plug directly into the 220 volt power supply can automatically produce paper and pen, the machine and the old newspapers, newspapers and magazines can produce dozens of various patterns of normal and pencil like high quality The leather head, upscale beautiful pattern, fair core, continuous lead, easy cutting, the cost is far lower than wood pencil. Paper pen is a one-time consumer goods consumer goods, but it is a new environmentally friendly pencil.

paper pencil making machine

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