Wood round stick making machine for sale

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05 Feb,2018

Our wood round stick making machine is mainly used for the design of wood cutting round stick, and it can also be used for the cutting of round rod of hard rubber and wood synthetic fiber, but it is much more difficult to adjust the round rod of other materials besides wood. The machine is of high quality and high efficiency, and it is widely used in various processing industries, such as furniture factory, wood factory and other wood processing industry. 

The advantage of our wood round stick making machine:
1. Raw material is widely: It is used for the processing of square materials and raw materials into round sticks.
2. The modified product, the feeding and double feeding row guide wheels, the finished wooden rod has high straightness and smooth surface.
3. Adopt imported high-speed bearing, high safety performance! More stable and reliable.
4. High effiency, high speed and the high degree of automation.
wood round stick making machine
As a supplier of wood round rob making machine, I want to tell the cutomers that when people work, what steps should be paid attention.
(1) when operating machine, wear the work clothes and fasten the cuff firstly. The female comrades must wear the work cap and the braids in the hat; Do not wear gloves, scarves to work.
(2) before the machine starts to work, it is necessary to test the machine, and all the parts can start working than begin to the normal operation.
(3) the shaft, chain, pulley, belt and other running parts of woodworking machinery should be equipped with protective cover and protective plate.
(4) if there are abnormal conditions or other faults in the operation of the machine, the power should be cut off immediately, and check the reason quickly.
(5) it is necessary to cut off the total power supply when replacing the planer and saw blade.

In addition, our company can provide users with project design, process design, price of standard and non-standard design and manufacture of new technical parameters for your letter. please call the company's sales department for site identified in the attributes of product pictures for reference only, please inquire,the specific price since telephone counseling, and also welcome customers to visit my company to place an order.

If you have great interest in our round stick making machine, please feel free to contact us. Very happy to do more for you.

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