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06 Feb,2018

Shovel shaft handle making machine has a wide range of tools, including spades, mop poles, broom poles, furniture hangers... .. . The machine is mainly used for the processing of tools and wood for shovel, hoe, daily and industrial and agricultural production, as well as furniture decoration, stair railing and interior decoration.

According to the user's needs, we can customize the round stick machine with different diameter. This equipment is mainly used for wood cutting on the surface of the round rod design, also can be used in organic glass, plastic, hard rubber, wood material such as synthetic fiber cutting round bar, but in addition to the wood for other materials than cutting the adjusting difficulty of round wood much more, the equipment for processing good quality high efficiency, is widely applied in all kinds of craft processing, furniture factory, wood production.
wood shovel shaft hadle making machine
As a manufacturer of shovel shaft handle making machine, with our constant efforts, our shovel shaft making machine top the list in this industry. Our shovel handle making machine has good quality high production efficiency, is widely applied in all kinds of craft processing, furniture factory, wood processing industry etc.
And, because of its high speed when operate the shovel shaft handle making machine we should pay attention and more carefully.

There are five main measures to prevent the accident when operate the shovel shaft handle making machine.
1.All kinds of woodworking equipment should be equipped with effective braking device, safety protection device and dust removal device.
2.During use of woodworking machinery equipment, it must be ensured that all parts is run faultlessly without causing harmful vibration to avoid danger during operation.
3.Any exposed belt, turntable, shaft, etc., should have protective cover.
4.The cutter shaft and the electric appliance shall have interlock devices so as to avoide the injury when replace the knife touch the power accidently.
5.All the woodworking machinery should be installed with automatic feeding device wherever possible.

Our company always insist on to provide the perfect service to each customers of us, we put this belief in our minds.
1,Based on the service,the quality is the survival and the development of science and technology.
2,Customer first and considerate service.Quality first,technology leading ..
3,The enterprise develops,the service is the book.Good service,good faith.
4, The customer is god,the enterprise is the food and clothing parents, the more customers, the enterprise is more prosperous.
5,The customer is supreme,the technology is the first,the unity cooperation,seeks the true practical.
6,To do practical and practical work,create a first-class service brand,and perfect corporate image.
7,High quality service,high-tech innovation,high speed development.

If you have great interest in our shovel shaft handle making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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