What can toothpicks do?

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14 Mar,2018

For most of people, the toothpicks are used for toothpicking. Then what is the use of the toothpick excepts toothpicking? Reading the passage carefully, toothpick making machine supplier tell you.
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1. With the role of teeth. Civilized courtesy and common sense tells us: Don't cut teeth before people. Compared with the use of chopsticks by some people, toothpicking with a toothpick in front of a person is already a very civilized behavior in the primary stage.
2. Can do cotton swabs. If there is a group of disinfectant sanitary napkins at home and no cotton swabs are available, it is very convenient and easy to take a toothpick with a cotton swab. It should be noted that before using cotton swabs, be sure to disinfect your hands.
3. Teaching children to count. Children aged three to five must be helped with certain objects if they begin to learn to count so that they can comprehend 1, 2 and 3 and their relationship with each other. In contrast, using colored balls is more likely to attract children's attention, but toothpicks are easy to find, but also easy to collect, classify, very easy to use. It should be noted that when using toothpicks to teach children to count, there must be adult guidance to ensure the safety of children.
4. Good for intellectual development. Many games that are conducive to intellectual development are represented in geometric forms. For example, a number of match matches are placed in a certain figure, and only a few of them are allowed to move, causing certain changes in the shape of the figure. Now, matches are hard to find and can be replaced with toothpicks. Here, a toothpick is a substitute.
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