What is coffee bar bundling machine?

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14 Mar,2018

Our coffee bar production line including Cooking Machine, Rotary Cutting Machine, Carve Cutting Machine, Chamfering Machine,Selecting Machine,Bundling Machine. In the passage, You will know the coffee bar bundling machine in detail.
coff bar bundling machine for sale
Coffee bar bundling machine is used for tying coffee bar, coffee stirrer, ice cream bar, spatula and ice scoop,etc. The coffee bar bundling machine adopts control system PLC computer controller. The tying material can be laminated paper and kraft paper, and customers can choose various methods according to actual needs. Coffee bars come in a variety of sizes and we produce coffee bar balers according to the needs of our customers. Because of the size required by different customers, the shape will be different. Then we will adjust the machine model before production according to the specific needs.
A bundle of coffee bars can be packaged in different numbers, with 10 bundles each, 20 bundles each, 30 bundles each, etc. The most is 50 bundles each. Coffee bar strapping machine has the same function as coffee bar packing machine.
After knowing the coffee bar bundling machine, do you want to know the other machines of the coffee bar production line, if you want to know, please feel feel to contact us, we will arrange our staff to introduce the detail of these machines.
If you need further information about our coffee bar production line, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you. Our contact information is as follows:
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