Difference between ice cream stick and tongue depressor

Publisher: Tina

14 Mar,2018

People often think that ice cream sticks and tongue depressor are similar, but in fact they are very different. As a supplier of the ice cream stick making machine and tongue depressor making machine, this article is to tell you the difference between the two.
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When the throat, nasal cavity, etc, are examined, tongue depressor is used, and it is used to facilitate inspection. What is the difference between the tongue depressor and the ice cream stick ?
1.Different materials. The spatula is made of wood, plastic, and stainless steel, and most of the materials used for making ice cream sticks are made of wood.
2.Use post-processing. The tongue spatula used for normal inspections is infective waste, and it needs to be treated after use. Ice cream sticks are household garbage.
3.Resilience requirements. Because the spatula is made of different materials, the toughness will also be different, and its requirements are also more stringent because it cannot be broken during inspection.
Although the ice cream stick and tongue depressor has difference, when producing them, we use the same machine, our tongue depressor production line also can be used for making the ice cream sticks.
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