The Chopsticks Machine Factory Said The Use Of Chopsticks

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27 Nov,2017

This is one of the products that we often use in our lives. In daily life. We use chopsticks almost every day. One of the most vexing things about our parents when we were young was teaching us how to use chopsticks. A lot of times we don't use chopsticks very well. Today, chopsticks machine factory home to say the several kinds of grip of chopsticks.
Proper use of chopsticks and the use of chopsticks is not unique, but it is all the same.
The top chopsticks are controlled with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The chopsticks below are fixed, only the top of the chopsticks, and then the food, which is crucial.
The two chopsticks head together, and the tip of the chopsticks is pointed. It is easy to pick up the food.
There are two ways to hold a chopstick. The hand is placed on the back part of the body. The contact position of the fingertips is the middle part of the chopsticks
Traditional grip
The top chopstick is controlled by thumb, forefinger and middle finger: thumb and middle finger, which can be active
The chopsticks below should be fixed (usually with a tiger's mouth and ring fingers), and only move the top of the chopsticks to the food
Common 2
The top stick is controlled by the thumb and forefinger: the thumb and forefinger hold, and the above can move
The chopsticks below are to be fixed (usually by the mouth and the middle finger), only to move the top of the chopsticks to the food
The two chopsticks head together, the tip of the chopstick to the tip
Try to use the tip of your chopsticks to pick them up, leave your left hand under the food, and avoid dripping food before it reaches your mouth
The way each one eats is different from the way the parents use the chopsticks. So people hold chopsticks differently. As long as you can eat with chopsticks. It doesn't matter how you hold it. After all, it's adults, no need to be so concerned. But if it is a child, it is advisable to hold the chopsticks correctly. Prevent adverse growth of hands.

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