Cost Bamboo Barbecue Stick Making Machine

Publisher: Tina

25 Nov,2017

This bamboo barbecue stick making machine is dedicated to processing of cattle, mutton string bamboo sticks and other food with bamboo sticks.the size is usually: Φ2.5mm ~ Φ3mm, length 150mm ~ 300mm.its capacity: 400,000pcs/8 h.
(1) Original bamboo - Sawing - Cutting bamboo stick - Section open piece of fixed width into silk - Bleaching - Drying - Set-size - Polishing - Remove the defect to sign - Sharpening - Remove the defect sign - Packaging.
(2) The above 8 units,its output 400000 pcs/8 hours, using dry bamboo stick about 200 ~ 500 kg.the machinery operators for 4 ~ 6. Industrial electric power with 380 v, the normal production of the actual power consumption per hour about 11 degrees.if increased 1 set sharpening machine, the capacity is 400000.
(3) every 100 kilograms fresh bamboo (wet), usually can produce Φ3.0 ~ Φ2.5, length 300 ~ 150 mm between 2 ~ 40000 different specifications of the bamboo stick, about dry finished signed 20 ~ 35 kg.

bamboo barbecue stick making machine

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