Use the cotton bud making machine saftely

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26 Feb,2018

Our cotton bud makng machine for a hot selling, the reason that our cotton bud making machine is fully automation, and in order to use the machine for a long time, when we use the cotton bud making machine, what we should pay attention? In the passage, you may find the answer.
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What we should do when operate the cotton bud making machine:
1.When using the machine, you must test the the machine run frequency is normal every day.
2.Each month must check the tightness of the chain or belt, if the phenomenon of loosening should be immediately adjusted, and remove the old lubricating oil every six months, together with the new lubricating oil.
3.Always pay attention to every part of the machine, and do a fixed monthly inspection.
4.Worker can not be wear the large, too wide clothes, cuffs to tighten, to wear a work cap, not allowed to shirtless and wear slippers work.
5.When inspecting or servicing the machine, it must be shut down to prevent accidents.
6.Keep the machine neat and tidy, clean and free of debris.
7.Cutter device: Do not reach near or touch the device while the machine is in operation, to avoid bruises and cuts.
8.Fixture pinch device: Do not reach the device when the machine is running, to avoid injury and bruise.
9.When the machine is running, do not reach over the welding head to avoid being crushed
10.When the machine is running, do not touch the ultrasonic vibrator and the fan by hand, so as to avoid scalding.
11.Where two people since disassembly, we must care for each other, with each other, especially before starting to say hello to each other, to determine the safety boot.
12.Found that the machine motor or other abnormal sound, odor, should immediately stop running carefully identify the cause of the boot.
13.Do not open the electric box and ultrasonic system non-professional or maintenance personnel.
14.Please feed material and adjust the machine when it is off.
15.After the completion of production, pay attention to the cleaning and inspection of the machine.
Knowing how to operate the cotton bud making machine safetly, do you have great interests with our machine, if you want to know more information about our cotton bud making machine, please feel free to contact us.
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