Disposable chopsticks Production Line Introduction

Publisher: Tina

24 Feb,2018

Our disposable chopstick production line consist of 8 machines, the fininshed chopsticks length:210-240mm, width:12-13mm, thickness:4.5-5.0mm. The raw material is wood or bamboo, or any other materials. Our disposable chopstick production line has the advantage of well-desidned, large capacity 48000pcs/8 hours, easy to operate, and save labor, the whole production line only needs 4-5 labors.
 disposable chopsticks production line introduction
As a supplier of disposable chopsticks production line, we know the chopsticks very well. Most of people cared about Should disposable chopsticks be used? In the passage, I will give you the answer.
Disposable chopsticks refers to the chopsticks use one time then abondon, also known as "health chopsticks", "convenience chopsticks." Disposable chopsticks is a fast-paced and resource-saving product of the society and a product of a sharp decline in forest resources.
Disposable chopsticks are mainly composed of disposable wood chopsticks and disposable bamboo chopsticks. Disposable chopsticks are favored by the catering industry for their convenience in hygiene, but the issue of disposable wood chopsticks causing the destruction of large amounts of woodland has become increasingly prominent. Poor quality disposable wood chopsticks is not clean, just give people the illusion of hygiene, as a result, more and more people are tend to buy the disposable bamboo chopsticks.
The disposable bamboo chopsticks are made of renewable bamboo, have the advantage of economic and environmental protection, more and more widely used to encourage disposable bamboo chopsticks instead of disposable wood chopsticks, reduce the use of wood, protect the forest.
Our factory always stick to "The idea of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, the rapid improvement, the continuing operation"; "Quality is the first job," "customer satisfaction is our honor" as our permanent quality policy; The "integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" as the front man's constant pursuit and goal, we are willing to create a better tomorrow together with our friends!
If you have great interest in our disposable chopstick production line, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
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