Toothpick filling machine for sale

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24 Feb,2018

Toothpick filling machine is the new products our company developed following the weighing bottled toothpick filling machine. This product uses microcomputer (PLC) control, with the features of high packaging speed, easy to operate, compact structure that attracts a lot of customers come to buy.
 toothpick filling machine for sale
Toothpick filling machine work flow:
Open the machine power switch. Press the machine start button. The machine begins to work. Take the bottle in the round exit position and then touch the switch. Toothpicks can be pushed in the bottle. Repeat the touch switch. Repeatedly push the toothpick in the bottle. Work to achieve the purpose of repeated filling.
The machine has a simple structure. Easy to use. The machine dimensions 78*45*70cm. For a variety of irregular items, such as bars, circles and other general non-sticky solid material, the bar length of 1.2-40mm.
The advantage of our toothpick filling machine:
1. The machine uses microcomputer intelligent control, the sub-packaging more accurate, fast, sub-assembly process fully automated.
2. Contact parts of all the items made of stainless steel, non-polluting items.
3. Double damping structure, the machine running smoothly, low noise.
4 small size, light weight
5. Minimal power, energy conservation
6. oblique thrown feed, do not crush the damaged material, especially suitable for fragment materials.
Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,LTD founded in year of 2010 .We mainly engaged in design and sales All Kinds Of Agriculture Machines and agriculture produce product line.we located in zhengzhou city ,the capital of Henan Province in china . 
Our company has many years export experience of in machinery .We have outstanding quality control personnel as well as well trained technical workers . By constant technical exchange with well well known firms of the same line and also by introduction of advanced management into our company ,we have established a strong quality guarantee system.
If you have great interest in our toothpick filling machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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