How does wood chips machine work?

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05 Mar,2018

Wood chips machine is almost identical, thin, soft and very good quality, and can be mass-produced in large quantities for both shavings. Both save time and manpower, improve production efficiency and keep pace with the needs of social development. It is widely used in particleboard factory, paper mill, bio-energy fuel, pet litter, poultry breeding nest, logistics Shredded litter and other small and medium enterprises and individual wood processing households use the best shaving processing equipment.
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For most of people they only know the troductional manual production methods, as a supplier of wood chips machine, I want more and more people adopt the more convenience ways to produce the wood chips.
The wood chips machine working flow:
The wood chips machine adopts blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, collision dual smashing function in one, and can complete the micro-material sorting process. In the process of blade cutting and grinding, the rotor generates high-speed airflow, rotating with the blade cutting direction, the material accelerates in the airflow and repeats the impact so that the material is double-crushed at the same time to speed up the crushing rate of the material.
All of user’s of the wood chips machine want to use the machine for a long time and without any faults, so user’s should know how to operate it correctly.
Routine maintenance of the wood chips machine:
1) after daily use, adjust the elastic belt of the belt and reduce it by 6-10mm.
(2) cleaning the inside of the machine can not leave the last crushing material.
(3) the bearing pedestal should be filled with butter in time, and the butter should be injected for 3-4 hours continuously, and should be observed.
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