Wood Crusher Machine Use

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05 Mar,2018

Our wood crusher machine is mainly used for processing branches, wood chips, scraps, planks, raw bamboo and other materials, which is more suitable for wood chip processing in edible fungus culture medium. 
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At the same time, the wood crusher machine can also be used in the cutting of bamboo, straw, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, etc. The wood crusher can also be used as raw material for particleboard and sawdust plate.
And the most important, the wood crusher machine is suitable for mobile operation, it is widely used in the spare parts of small and medium sized chipboard and fiberboard production enterprises, and also can be used for the production of commodity wood chips in individual households.
As aresult, our wood crusher machine is welcomed by a lot of people, from all over the world. In order to help more people know how does the wood crusher machine use, the passage will help you.
The process of operating the wood crusher machine:
1. Turn on the power to see if the steering is correct.
2. When changing the cutting tool, the blade reaches out 2-4mm, then tighten the bolt. If the screw thread of the pressure bolt is found to wear out, replace it immediately in case of damage to the slide plate nut.
3. The scale must be the same as the length of the body knife.
4. It is strictly prohibited to insert the stone and stator timber into the machine so as to prevent the cutting tool and internal parts.
5. Lube oil should be added 3-4 hours, not too much Lube oil.
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