How to use wood chips machine?

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23 Mar,2018

A high-quality wood chips machine is indispensable to excellent operators. If you want to reduce the failure rate of the wood chips machine, you must have a scientific and reasonable operating habits.
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Take the overload work as example, the wood chips machine must never work under overload. Because of the high speed of the wood chips machine, the large load, and the high volatility of the composite due to different wood, the load of the crusher should be detected in time.

How to determine if the wood chips machine is overloaded? The following points are for reference only:
1. The material level in the comminuting chamber is directly indicated by an electric shock level gauge, that is, the load is known.
2. Belt weigher, etc. Weighing of wood chips machine feeding conveyor belt conveyor.
3. Calculated by calculating the crushing, sieving closed loop system cycle load.
4. The current value in the motor circuit of the wood chips machine is detected, and the current during the operation of the crusher is generally controlled to be about 85% of the rated current.
5. In the multi-stage comminution, generally only the last stage of the crusher is controlled to control the particle size of the final product. This crusher is usually in a closed circuit system, and the feed amount includes the amount from the previous crushing stage and the cyclic load.
After knowing these information, now do you know how to use wood chips machine correctly?
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